Miniature spy cams controlled by cell phone

Go around the room and point your phone's camera in areas you suspect spy equipment is hidden. If you spot any small, bright-whitish light, set your phone down and investigate further.

It may be a hidden camera. It's possible for some lower-end spy cameras and listening devices to show up in your list of Wi-Fi connections. Refresh your network list as you walk around the room and look for any odd-looking connections or devices. Your phone will most likely pick up several wireless devices and networks. Look for specific brand names or the word cam, camera, etc.

Glint Finder, which supports Android 2. Some spy cameras emit small levels of electromagnetic waves that Glint Finder helps pinpoint. The app also automatically adjusts the flash rate and cycle to help locate infrared light. Tap Allow a second time, granting the app permission to access your device's location. Move your device around suspected areas. If a potential camera or listening device is close to your phone, it will be displayed on your screen. Good places to check for hidden cameras and listening devices are smoke detectors, mirrors, TVs, computer screens, pictures, lamps, ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, etc.

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A video is a series of still images that are replayed very quickly. The faster these images are played back, the smoother the video appears.

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The frame rate is the measure of how fast these images are replayed, and it's measured in frames per second fps. The better higher the frame rate the smoother our video is to watch.

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The viewers are essentially tricked as our brains can't perceive the individual images as long as they are played faster than 12 fps. The frame rate of tiny spy cameras is generally always 30 fps. High-spec DSLRs can dwarf this, but when you consider that Hollywood movies are still mostly shot at 24 fps it doesn't seem bad at all. A frame rate of 30 fps gives a pretty smooth video recording, and it still amazes me that devices so small are capable of this. Cameras of this size are limited by MicroSD card capacity as well as battery size.

Therefore, to record in anything higher than 30 fps would just mean the card would fill up too quickly.

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This would affect recordings as the card would be constantly rewriting itself as it became full. This shoots in an amazing 60 frames per second! Motion detection technology allows your camera to stay idle and conserve battery power until it detects movement in its field of view. It's the same type of technology that wildlife photographers use to good effect when setting up camera "traps" to get shots of elusive animals in the wild. It tends to be a pretty common feature among USB spy cameras. What good is filming something that becomes invisible as soon as it gets slightly dark?

Thankfully, night-vision is a pretty standard feature among micro cameras. They use infrared lights to illuminate the field of view so that the camera sensor picks up more brightness in times of low light. Infrared light is perfect for this job as it is invisible to our human eyes. That means the camera records a brighter picture back for us to view. The differences between the cameras are in how many IR lights the device uses for this job. The more lights the brighter the illumination at night. Technically speaking that should mean a more detailed night picture.

However, this comes at the cost of battery life and therefore recording time too.

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These devices are limited by their battery sizes. As you would expect for something measuring around an inch in diameter, the actual battery isn't very big. This means recording times are less than what you would get from a standard video camera. They are also limited by their use of MicroSD as memory. Most include a feature that automatically starts recording again at the start of the session writing over the old material once the memory card fills up.

This may or may not be useful depending on your intended use. Recording time is also limited by advanced features like night vision. Don't expect to get the same recording time at night, as the IR lights put considerable drain on the battery. The recording time will also be affected by the resolution and frame rate that you shoot in. Basically, the higher the video quality the more quickly the memory card will fill up and the battery will drain.

If you're willing to sacrifice a bit on size and go for a slightly larger model see our reviews then you can get substantially more recording time.

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This feature isn't common but it's a real game changer. Having WiFi capability means that the action being filmed with the camera is viewable remotely using an app. That means you can watch the action unfold from wherever you may be providing you have an internet signal. Upon the camera sensing movement in motion detection mode it will automatically send you an e-mail or notification with an image of the event. This function offers incredible levels of convenience and makes it a great tool for home security.

The live streaming feature is a new one offered by GoPros. It lets you broadcast your experience as it happens to a live audience. These things are really tiny and they're not built to withstand rough treatment. However, some are more durable than others. Waterproof cases are available which make shooting in changeable weather much easier. You'll really have to treat them quite delicately though.

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These can all be mounted in different ways so it's important to consider your intended use and what the most convenient way to mount your camera will be. Some have a strong magnetic backing that allow them to stick to anything metallic, while some come with a special mounting bracket or clip that allow you to attach them to a solid surface.

Some also have clothing clips that allow them to be attached to something like a trouser pocket, shirt pocket, or belt. How about a top spy microphone to go with that camera? We uncover which are worth buying in our new guide. In our opinion these are the 4 top miniature cameras on the market right now. Each model offers something slightly different and we feel they cover a good range of what's available. Start by looking at the comparison table where you can quickly compare the key features. We discuss the features that make each model stand-out from the competition and why we think it deserves your attention.

If you're unsure about any of the features then make sure you check out the buyer's guide. Now this isn't the smallest spy camera on our list, but it is the best in terms of video quality for its size. At just 2. First off, this can record in 4K HD video. This is the best video quality currently available and provides a ridiculous amount of detail and clarity. If that was't enough, you can also shoot your video at a super smooth 60 frames per second.

These kinds of specs just shouldn't be available in such a tiny device, it's a remarkable feat of engineering that will never fail to impress you.

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But arguably, the video quality statistics aren't the most impressive thing about the new iteration of the popular GoPro series. The big new addition with the HERO 7 is the image stabilization. Coined 'HyperSmooth' it provides all the benefits of using a gimbal minus the extra size and physical inconvenience. The electronic stabilization cleverly predicts your movements and eliminates annoying camera shake. What you end up with is the smoothest looking action video outside of Hollywood. Another brand new feature with the HERO 7 is live streaming.

You can now broadcast your adventure to a live audience. Although it's very small, it's actually very tough too. It's waterproof to 10 meters and it'll stand up to being bumped and bruised in action too. Even if you do drop it you can still control it thanks to the voice control function. Simply tell it to start or stop recording or to take a picture and it'll do exactly as you commanded.

The recording time depends on the quality that you shoot at. At full 4K resolution and 60fps you can expect around 1 hour and 20 minutes of video but you can increase this by lowering the quality. You can expand the battery life by purchasing an additional battery pack too. It's controlled with a simple touchscreen on the back. With simple swipe and tap gestures you can quickly select the required shooting modes. Besides impressive video it also takes high quality still pictures. The 12 MP photos are electronically enhanced using HDR , noise reduction, and tone mapping for vibrant and detailed stills.