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Telecommunication portal. How about a laser pointer so small it can fit into your iPhone's headset jack? It doubles as a distraction tool or a way to send Morse code messages. Alternatively, there are a number of apps that can use your smartphone flash to send Morse code, too. Your target is leaving the building. How to track them? If you were brazen enough to slip your smartphone into their pocket—or car—that phone can double as a GPS tracker.

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Not only will Apple's Find My iPhone and Google's Android Device Manager tell you where your devices are, they'll let you remotely wipe your sensitive data in case you get compromised. Sometimes, you can't point your smartphone directly at your mark. Or maybe you want to see around corners in a hurry. Once you've got the intel, how do you safely send it back to base?

Nothing's foolproof , but Wickr's messaging app sure sounds like it's got the right features for amateur spying.

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Military-grade encryption, self-destructing messages, and an anti-screencap design means your sent snapshots will probably stay for-your-eyes-only. The perfect disguise: a camera that looks just like an inhaler. Don't laugh too much. Give your spy chief an instant appraisal of any situation, then cough, stick it in your mouth, and pretend to puff.

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No, not this one. But sometimes you'd like to get a little closer to your subject, or get a slightly wider angle, or maybe even magnify some trace substances if you're also playing detective.

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Spy on cell phone using bluetooth

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