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Unfortunately, the company decided to discontinue eBlaster support, so the app is not available for download anymore. Continue reading eBlaster Mobile. It offers common monitoring features for quite a reasonable price. However, if need parental control and multimedia monitoring, you may be willing to pay a bit extra and buy another app.

Before we start, let us inform you that starting from January , mSpy offers limited monitoring of Apple device, i. Every copy of mSpy already comes equipped with this capability.

Continue reading mSpy Review from a Real User. PhoneSheriff security services were designed by the developers of the well-known Mobile Spy program. In spite of its novelty, according to the numerous PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews this software services have become very respectable and loved by the target users like parents who want to spy on their child or children. It is not a challenge to tell the difference between PhoneSheriff Investigator and the conventional PhoneSheriff services as the last mentioned one is like a Mobile Spy in interface and functional features as you were ought to install the services software on the cell phone or other device which was about to be tracked.

But the PhoneSheriff Investigator software works as a PC program and differs in the way of its tracking services saving your privacy. Continue reading PhoneSheriff Investigator Review. You will be enabled to get the accurate target spying security info from this high-rating software any time you want. Continue reading Spyera Review: User Edition. StealthGenie used to be a competitive cell phone spyware until Continue reading StealthGenie. Mobile Phone Tracking Apps Rank. Could I be writing this to a person who has no idea of what we are talking about?

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Well, I will not overlook that either. Notably, there are many programs, on the internet, which help you track phones, computers, and tablets. The software lets you find out what the targets do, who they contact and how they spend their time. But with software like the Mobile SPY, you can join their league! In brief, MobileSPY is an app or software that lets you spy on other people in an ethical manner.

ONESPY Review: Is It The Best Android Mobile Spy App?

It allows you to know what websites they visit, read their texts and at times, monitor their calls. Some users believe it is a handy tool to control their kids, while employers find it an excellent way to watch their staff. MobileSPY came to the market in , as the first iPhone spying tool. Since then, the app has continued to thrive in a market flooded with similar apps. Now, why would you need to purchase Mobile Spy? But the essential functions of this app are to monitor employees and children. Well, there is no need to hide the truth from you- some people even use the app to track their spouses.

After installing the software on the target device, it plays the role of an FBI agent, telling you everything that happens on it. In brief, below are the things that Mobile SPY can do for you! Starting a company is one thing, yet running it is another. Many companies fall off a cliff due to the negligence of the employees.

If you are managing a business that is full of rogue employees, you need to spy on them. Monitoring employees help you save the company from possible losses. In the past, companies such as Microsoft and Booz Allen Hamilton have suffered severe losses due to leaks by their employees. When your employees plan to ruin the business, MobileSPY steps in to save the moment. The app also monitors on time spent on social media or other time-wasting sites. With this spying software, you can improve the productivity of your staff members. Teens are hyperactive, and so are other kids.

This exposes them to the dreads of the internet, and you need to act. Traditional parenting measures are significant, but for sure, they seldom work for internet users. Thus, you need to put in place ways to know how your children use their devices. With such information, you can know how to guide your children appropriately.

Likewise, you can remotely block contacts that tend to be spoiling your beloved child. For a detailed guide, see our article on online teen safety.


For married couples or those looking forward to tying the knot , it at times becomes apparent to have tactics that can save the union. It is the same case with a relationship- forming one is always easier than keeping it! Because relationships are built on trust, some partners prefer to know be open enough and understand what their better half does.

What Mobile Spy is?

This is when they use an app like MobileSPY. Well, after going through the things that MobileSPY can do for you, the most likely question on your mind right now is on the legal implications of using the software. I have written a comprehensive post covering all you need to know about law and spying. If you are concerned about going against the law by using spy software, have a look at our article on is spying legal or not topic. In brief, the law guarantees everyone the right to create, use or possess any software they think of. So, you should not worry about it. All that you should keep in mind is that you should not use your rights to jeopardize that of other people.

For instance, you should be cautious about how you spy on other people. First, you should own the device you are spying on. Second, the target should formally allow you to spy on him or her. After you have these two things in place, then you are free to start snooping on your target! First, you should install the app on the target device.

Then, it will run in the background and send you alerts of what the user does.

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To get the alerts, you will not have to be anywhere close to the phone, tablet or computer. In fact, you can monitor a phone that is as far as South-Eastern Asia, even when you are actually in Brazil! But the majority of the advanced spying software requires you to have physical access to the target device during installation. It is that simple, but you will have to do a couple of other things. First, you need to buy the software license. This product key allows you to use the software.

What you only need to do is visit the MobileSPY official website www. The site takes you through some agreements where you are supposed to confirm a set of terms of service and legal requirements. Then, you will get to the pricing and subscription page.

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After you succeed making the license purchase, the company will send you an email containing the product key. The second step involves downloading and installing the software. It is simple- in the email; you will find the login credentials alongside with the license code. To access your online dashboard, you will need these details. The panel is where you will access logs and alerts from the device that you are spying. The email also contains the links to the files you need to download.

In most cases, it is customized depending on the type of device you intend to spy. If, when making your subscription, you chose to spy on Apple Mac OS X or Blackberry, the link will let you download a compatible app.